Your access to all ADAMOS services

Logging in with your ADAMOS ID


With the ADAMOS ID you have access to all ADAMOS services. Only on registration do you gain full access to all the functions and information relating to all relevant services and offers. Registration is required only once and is free of charge.

The ADAMOS ID comprises personal data, such as email address and password for registration, and the company to which you belong (company ID or company tenant). The company ID gives you the rights and options that go with your company’s status.

Your access to all ADAMOS services:

  • ADAMOS STORE: buy and subscribe to apps, services and products 
  • ADAMOS HUB: invite other team members from your company to collaborate, manage app subscription, control and monitor data access for the various apps in one central place, set up machines
  • Tutorials and user manuals for the ADAMOS STORE and ADAMOS HUB in the ADAMOS Enablement Center
  • ADAMOS SERVICES: Browse the service catalog and contact enabling partners in the ADAMOS Partner Portal
  • ADAMOS NETWORK: Information about events for the ADAMOS network and access to the developer, app and project manager communities in the ADAMOS Partner Portal
  • ADAMOS IIoT: All details about the platform in the IIoT developer area of the ADAMOS Enablement Center

Please note that the access rights to the various areas depend on your company. Assignment to a company ID is therefore essential.

The following link will take you to registration. If necessary, you can then obtain additional explanatory information.

ADAMOS ID | Registration

Creating an ADAMOS ID

Create your ADAMOS ID with your username and password. Find out what you have to do if your company still has no company ID.


Creating a new ADAMOS ID

Accepting an invitation to the company account

Here you will find out what you have to do if your company already has a company ID and you have been invited to this account. 

Accepting an invitation & creating an ADAMOS ID

Finding your company ID

Find out whether your firm already has a company ID and who the admin for your company is. An admin can invite you to your company’s account.

Submitting a request

Forgotten your password?

If you cannot remember your ADAMOS password, you can reset it.

Reset password